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Essay Ads Review

Essay AdsAnyone interested in making a mark in the academic writing industry needs to pay some serious attention to advertising, marketing, and general promotion. There are thousands of research sites out there devoted to selling model papers, many of which have been around for a very long time. It is far from a foregone conclusion that your site will stand out from among this vast array, no matter how clever, artistic, interesting, or otherwise fabulous it is. Smart students and essay providers use an efficient advertising tool to find and promote an essay writing service: Essay Ads.

There is good news and bad news about such advertising. The good news is that the bulk of the work will take place online. After all, this is an online business – there are no brick and mortar academic writing businesses – none that anyone has heard of, in any case – and so it makes sense that the bulk of advertising will take place on the internet. The bad news is exactly the same, with an added caveat: Google tends to have a jaundiced view of the academic writing industry, and so they frown upon ads from model paper companies.

Luckily, Google ads are not the be-all and end-all of online advertising. They are pretty expensive anyway, and so it's not such a bad thing for a beginning business to eschew them in favor of other options. One such option is article marketing. Article marketing is the writing of articles about issues related to one's business (and, by extension, the business itself) and then the posting of such articles in article directories. For example, you could write an article about ways to begin essays and note, in the article, that your company can help with this task. Then you would post the article in a directory – ideally one highly ranked so that many people will read it – and through that article, people will find their way to your site. It's a form of advertising that can take a long time to show results, but it's one that Google will not frown upon.

Social media are increasingly helpful in promoting academic writing businesses. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other venues seem custom-made to be of service to businesses that are just starting out. This is especially true for academic writing businesses which are marketed primarily to college and university students who tend to spend lots of time on such media anyway. Don't forget all of the creative ways to advertist on such media, and don't forget to think outside the box! For example, YouTube could be a really fun way to get the word out via a series of short videos showing some of the more stressful (yet funny) realities of college life, particularly where the writing of papers comes into play.

What about offline advertising? Well, it's possible, but tricky. College newspapers aren't exactly clamoring for ads from academic writing companies, given that they don't tend to view us favorably. Such forms of advertising also tend to be more costly than online versions. Having said that, if you can find a way to reach out to clients outside of the internet, more power to you!