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Essay ChatAcademic writing services play an increasingly important part in higher education. The internet is full of them, but beware - they're not all very good. Now Essay Chat lets students discuss the experiences they've had, so you have the information you need to help you choose the right one. A mistake can be expensive, and even lead to missing a deadline, so it's important to get it right first time. Now you can draw on what others say, as well as links to the web's best directory of accredited writers and a list of unprofessional services to be avoided. Essay Chat is a great new resource for anyone who wants the best essay writers and won't accept anything less.

More and more students are turning to essay writing services, for many reasons. As the employment market becomes more competitive it can be very important to add the best possible degree to your qualification portfolio, and very often having your dissertation edited by a professional writer can be the final touch that brings a good enough grade. Other degree candidates prefer to spend more time studying for final exams, and many more simply want some professionally written essays to use as templates for their own work. All these factors have created a growing demand for essay writers, and the internet is happy to meet that demand. A quick search will come up with thousands of writing services and individual freelancers, all promising great essays.

How accurate are these claims, though? It can be very hard to judge the quality of a writing service from its home page. If you're looking for a model essay you're probably operating to a deadline and you can't take the risk of ordering a paper that doesn't match up to what you need. Custom papers can be expensive, too, so it's important to make sure your money will be well spent. That's where comes in.

Essay Chat is an open forum dedicated to discussing writing services. It provides a venue where students and writers can discuss the services available, talk about services they've tried and make recommendations based on their own experiences. The forum is open to anyone, so it's easy both for writers to explain what they can offer and for clients to say what they received. At the same time contributors don't have to identify themselves and Essay Chat doesn't store or release any identifying details - unless you spam the site, of course.

We were actually very impressed with how Essay Chat treats spammers. While writers are welcome to discuss their services the administrators don't take kindly to spamming. In fact they seem to get rather annoyed about it - as do most people - so the site includes lists of email addresses and websites associated with spam messages for writing services. This isn't just an amusing way to hit back at annoying people; in fact it's a valuable service, because any writing service that resorts to spamming on forums has already demonstrated that it's unprofessional. This means that the spam list is a convenient directory of writers to avoid. Essay Chat also invites writing sites to send them details of spammers so they can be added to the list.

Of course knowing who to avoid is great, but it's not enough. The creators of Essay Chat are aware of this, so they recommend (and link to), a list of verified reputable writers. This is a great resource both for writers who want accreditation for their services and for students who're looking for a writer they can rely on. Essay Directory is a great service in it sown right and it's good to see Essay Chat recommending it rather than try to duplicate what it offers. Combine the two sites and what you get is an outstanding asset for anyone who's thinking of using a writing service.