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Essay DirectoryFor anyone looking for an academic custom writing service the internet can be a confusing place. There are thousands of sites offering to write the perfect paper, many of them with slick graphics and impressive claims. Is a Google search for "write my essay" really the best way to find them, though? The team behind Essay Directory think not. We agree. By putting together a list of over a thousand writers, plus some great advice on how to tell a good site from a dishonest one, they've taken the guesswork and risk out of the process.

For the growing number of students who choose to find essay help online it can be a daunting process. A search for "essay writing service" or anything similar will return thousands of results, and most of the writing services it finds will look pretty similar. That's predictable because, on the face of it at least, they're all offering more or less the same service. The problem is that standards vary a lot, from excellent to fraudulent. When faced with a choice between two almost identical looking sites, how is a potential client supposed to tell which one will write a great essay and which one will fob them off with endless excuses and keep their money?

That's where Essay Directory comes in. This site brings together links to over a thousand different essay help sites. More interesting, though, Essay Directory also provides some handy information on what sort of writer is best for the client and how to go about choosing one. While no single element of Essay Directory is radical, the way they've been put together adds up to a very useful package that could save a lot of aggravation.

Essay Directory lets writers add themselves to the directory. This is the only practical way to build up a directory, but it means we were expected a mixed bag. Sure enough there were a number of suspicious looking sites with the bad English that shows up an Indian or African writing farm; however there were also a few writers that we've looked at before and know to be excellent. One thing that made a positive impression was that the sites on offer aren't just writing services; there are plenty links to good editing and proof reading specialists, too.

Of course a list of writing sites isn't all that special in itself, but Essay Directory is just getting started. What adds real value to this resource is the advice on how to go about choosing a writer. This can be found through a series of links in the page footer.

The first thing to be sure of is that you're choosing a legitimate service. This is covered by an excellent guest article from which lists all the most reliable ways to spot a low quality or scam essay writing service. Some of the advice is rarely seen elsewhere; for example check the graphics of any site, because they're less likely to have been proof-read by a native speaker than the text content. There's some great advice on how to spot foreign companies posing as US or British ones, and a warning about flashy web design. Soaking up this advice will leave anyone well placed to judge the writers in the directory.

Next comes a point for point comparison of writing companies and freelancers, honestly evaluating the pros and cons of each. The conclusions are sound and cover every important factor. Payment options, customer protection and confidentiality are all dealt with as well as more obvious issues like writer qualifications. Three more articles give advice on the ideal essay provider, integrity issues related to writing services and the best ways of avoiding plagiarism. This collection of information makes up a really good resource for anyone looking for a custom essay.

Although the concept of Essay Directory is a simple one, and it's far from the only list of writers available, the extra material makes it a great place to start looking. With the excellent advice given here finding the perfect provider will be much safer and easier.