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Essay NewsThe growth of online essay writing has made it easier than ever to find someone to write a paper for you. The problem is that at the same time it's made it a lot harder to find the right person. It's just as bad for writers looking for work or companies looking for writers. With information scattered all over the Net there's been a lot of luck involved in finding it. Now Essay News is offering a spam-free venue for all the top writing-related news. By bringing clients, writers and bosses together in one place this great new service should make everyone happy.

The internet has made it a lot easier for students to find help when essays or dissertations get too much for them; there are now thousands of writing services which offer to share the load, either by writing complete papers or offering various forms of assistance. As the incentives to get good grades and earn multiple degrees mount up, putting students under more pressure than ever before, this type of writing has expanded hugely.

It's likely that most writers who've tried essay writing have had some sort of experience with a website that didn't offer what they were looking for. Unfortunately it's usually hard to tell in advance what a writing site is going to be like to work with. It can also be hard to find out which sites are looking for writers. Of course many are more or less permanently on the hunt for new talent, for all sorts of reasons - some bad, some definitely good - but others, especially more specialized ones, might only have occasional vacancies. Often these are only advertised on the site or mentioned by word of mouth; that means your chances of hearing about them are low.

If you've had issues getting information about essay writing jobs, EssayNews is for you. Billed as a one-stop shop for academic research and writing services, essay writers and students, it aims to bring together key essay industry news in one convenient portal. Whether it's a writer offering services, a company looking for writers or a student looking for help, EssayNews lets them get the message out to the relevant audience. The benefits of this are obvious, so the question is how well it's being done.

One of the biggest challenges online is keeping a site from getting cluttered with spam and nonsense. EssayNews gets round that by only allowing registered members to post news items and by charging a fee for each item posted. It works extremely well; the site is completely free of spam. This approach also means that the site is self-supporting so doesn't need to raise revenue through advertising. There are no annoying banners or pop-ups, so it has a clean and professional appearance and it's very pleasant to use.

Another selling point is that every news item posted on the site is checked for quality by a moderator. There's a strict ban on copying and pasting from other sites, and black hat SEO techniques aren't permitted either. Links to your own site are fine, though.

Once a news item has been posted it will stay on the site for a year, which seems very reasonable to us. If you're really in it for the long haul, though, you can opt to make your item featured; that will keep it online permanently.

EssayNews is an interesting idea that has plenty potential. A venue where writers, businesses and clients can see what's available makes a lot of sense and EssayNews have done it very well. Keeping the site clear of spam is a real achievement, and makes it a far more pleasant place. Business seems to be a bit slow at the moment but this is one site that could really take off. Everyone involved in essay writing will be better off if it does.