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An Example of a Cover Letter for a Freelance Writer Position

To Whom It May Concern:

Freelance WriterI am writing regarding any available freelance writing position within your firm. After researching your company and reviewing the qualifications needed to become a writer on your team, I feel that I possess the skills needed to both further the goals of your overall mission statement as well as to aid your customers with their writing projects in a manner that will keep them satisfied and returning with new projects that need completing.

I studied Political Science and Professional Writing as an undergrad and am currently a law student at Widener Law in Harrisburg on a medical leave of absence for the foreseeable future. Since graduating, summa cum laude, from King's College, a private institution in Northeastern Pennsylvania, three and a half years ago, I have worked primarily as a freelance copy-writer and copy-editor for two separate companies and have worked on many different projects that have ranged from: undergraduate, master’s and doctoral thesis editing; corporate website copy-editing; internet start-up campaigns; viral marketing; basic collegiate applications; resume editing and formatting, etc. I have worked with customers seeking aid in a variety of different subjects and topic-areas including: Political Science; English Lit; English Composition; Theology; Business; Economics; etc. as well as work with many ESL customers. I am also familiar with a vast spectrum of citation styles needed for work in various subjects.

In all of my freelance work, I have viewed each new order as both a challenge and an opportunity to widen my own spectrum of subject matters, all the while aiding customers in their own research or with their own business, academic, or personal goals. I have broadened my subject-matter-comfort-zone significantly since first beginning in this line of work and have never had to refund a project. I view each project and revision with the same scrutiny and focus on excellence as I would with any project I would put my own name on, and I believe that this standard is what has led to my success in the field and allowed me to foster continued working relationships with repeat-clients.

In my freelancing, I have always made it a point to work to put client communication at the forefront of any job. I believe that any work endeavor must be a fluid experience with input and feedback coming from all parties involved. I have always worked to ensure that clients understand, from the placement of their initial order, that should they have any questions or concerns (regardless of how minor they may view it to be) it is in the best interest of us both to pass that concern onto me. Overall, a focus on communication and clarification is what I always work to achieve with each new order. I believe that I have the skill-set necessary to excel in this position, and I will work hard to learn any new skills and company standards that I will need in this job, should I be given the opportunity.

Working as a freelance writer has always proven itself to be both a challenging and engaging job that I wholeheartedly enjoy doing. As a current law student on medical leave for the foreseeable future, I am eager to get back into the field to continue doing a job I love. As a writer, both for myself and for customers, I refuse to settle for anything sub-par, which has afforded me many wonderful experiences working with repeat-clients and receiving positive feedback from customers. If given the opportunity, I wholeheartedly believe that I would excel as a member of your team and would certainly accept any chance to move forward in this endeavor.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Freelance Writer