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Declaration of the Rights of the Child - Example Essay

Child Rights EssayPreamble – You have to write the preamble about the Declaration of the Rights of the Child Example). Children are generally a vulnerable class. (Do explain why I’m writing). Include or define what age is considered as children.

Note: Do not summarize or include bullets points on the preamble or in the conclusion. It should be written in his/her own words. You only have to write the preamble and conclusion within one page.

Rights of The Child

- Every child should be literate. Therefore, every children need education to help them literate and develop their abilities and talents.

- Children should not be used soldiers. Children have the right to freedom and protection from war. Children under 15 cannot be forced to go into the army or take part in war.

- Children have the right to a safe place, food, and clothing to live and to have their basic needs met. They should not be disadvantaged so that they cannot do many of the things other children can do.

- Children should have access to the best health care possible, a safe and clean environment, safe water to drink, nutritious food, and information to help they stay well.

- Children should be protected from work that harms them, and they should not be exploited. If children work, they have the right to be paid fairly and safe.

- Children have the right to have food sources when they are needed.

- Children should not be forced to choose the their own religion. Parents cannot force them to conform to their religion.

- Children should not be forced marriage. Child marriage legitimizes human right violations and abuse of children under the guise of culture, religion, and tradition.

- Children should have home or shelter to protect themselves from predators, weather. This places need to be safe and habitable.

- Children cannot be used as a slave. They have the right to denying unwanted request from the others.