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What Makes an Exceptional Academic Writer?

Academic WriterA great writer isn’t simply someone who understands the mechanics of punctuation and grammar. Some of the finest authors in history have struggled as most often do with the elusive yet necessary comma. No, a great writer must have many different skills in order to be successful. Most importantly, an author needs to have a solid hold on the concept of research. Personal opinions are helpful and needed in some cases, but fact based points are much more reliable and useful. In other words, an objective view is able to reach its target audience much more so than a subjective one.

I completed my Bachelor’s through an online institution so I know quite a bit about quality research. One such lesson learned is the source of research is one of the most important things a writer must consider. The source upon which research is done has to be objective and based on solid facts and not just conjecture. A reliable website will have reputable authors that a user can trust. Essentially, a lot of work is done before an author can even begin to write his or her first word. Authors that use both quantitative and qualitative data are imperative to proper research because they are backed in proven theories.

One of the most important things to remember as both a researcher and a writer is to remain open minded. Going into an assignment with an idea already formed is one thing, but to begin with an opinion that clouds any future work is unacceptable. It is easy to take an opinion and to only find evidence that backs that particular idea. The person who is seeking to do his or her best work is someone who looks for both sides of an argument and compares and contrasts the two ideologies. This way makes for the stronger research paper by promoting solid points and thus presenting a fact based and driven argument. I know that I am a great researcher because I like to challenge myself and all of the things that I believe in. I want to know the reasoning behind other schools of thought and the data to support those claims. It doesn’t mean that my opinions are going to change, but rather I can be stronger in what I believe because I am aware of all of the surrounding arguments. A good researcher is not blinded to obvious truths but rather seeks to understand and grow as he or she remains open to the views of others.

Another reason why I am an excellent researcher is quite simply practice. Even when I was actively working towards my Master’s I had to complete various academic papers. This included a lot of research work because most of the subject matter consisted of material that I had never worked with before. The more practice one does, he or she is bound to get better. Quite simply, the rules and guidelines associated with great research techniques are learned with every paper completed. Through my time in undergraduate and graduate schooling, I became quite proficient in understanding how to research a topic.

In closing, writers need to possess a variety of skills in order to successfully and carefully present material that is new, yet well documented and researched. I am able to do this because I understand the importance of using a reputable source, and the necessity of practice to ensure skill levels are increased. I know that material is best presented in an objective manner with both quantitative and qualitative data and not just personal views and findings. A compare and contrast of opposing views allows for a stronger paper that is more apt to convince its target audience.