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How do I order a custom research paper, essay, term paper, dissertation or any other project?

Writing FAQSimply go to the Pre-Order Page and fill-out the form. It's that easy! The most essential part of the process is that you provide as much details as possible about your writing assignment in this form - when it is due, special requirements such as graphs, outlines, or specific source material requirements, etc. - so that we may respond to your request swiftly by telephone and/or email. Please take the time to complete this form prior to initiating work on your order, and before you are billed. You will be contacted by email or, if you prefer, by phone. During this pre-order consultation, we will verify your custom writing project and discuss its scope and requirements with you, as well as verify he cost of your assignment and obtain authorization for payment of our custom writing services. Papers are normally sent to you via email attachment. However, if you have special hard copy requirements, please include this with your submission and we will accommodate your needs.

Why should I choose ItchyBrainsCentral to write my example custom essays?

When you buy from ItchyBrains, your project begins with you and your specifications - not a generic, one-size-fits-all paper duplicated hundreds of times over! We work with you, one-on-one, to assure your requirements are met. Our professional custom researchers/writers adhere to strict quality standards in sync with the level of expertise you expect and which is expected of you, from undergraduate to professional-level work.

Who are your academic writers and editors?

We avoid working with inexperienced essay freelancers or students. All term papers, essays, research papers, dissertations, and professional reports are written by seasoned professional contract writers who have years of writing experience and who have established a successful working relationship with ItchyBrains.

What kind of guarantee do you offer? never plagiarizes. Many other companies that provide research material in the form of papers simply recycle pre-written copies or worse. They just cut & paste from generic reports. This is plagiarism. We use professional and experienced academic writers who provide papers custom-written that are never plagiarized... Guaranteed!

If your custom paper is not what you asked for, we will complete a revision of your paper or essay at no extra cost -- provided we did not follow any guidelines provided at the time of your order.

Nobody offers our quality and quality custom paper writing and research services for less! Our standard service is $30/page. We know that there are other places where you can have your paper for less, mainly because they may resell essays en masse through on-line catalogs sold back and forth all over the Internet. Moreover, we provide source material, if required for your project, and custom-write to the style specified -- from APA, MLA, Chicago and Turabian to Footnotes and combination styles.

I just have a couple questions. For sure there will be no plagiarism on this paper? I want to make sure nobody copies anything... Also if I do not like how the paper comes out what can I get done?

First of all, we guarantee that everything we write is 100% original, written just for you and sent nowhere else except directly to you. You will never find our papers anywhere on the internet.

Second, if you do not like the paper, we handle that one of two ways. If you have supplied specific instructions to your writer, and your writer has followed those instructions, then you can certainly ask for changes, but we will need to charge an editing fee. I'm sure you can understand that -- we only do what we are told to do, and cannot be asked to do extra work if you change your mind. ;-)

Along those same lines, if you have given vague directions, and the writer has interpreted those directions in one fashion, while you wished for another interpretation, again, we can change the paper, but not for free. This also makes sense, given that, especially in some fields (such as literature), many interpretations can be drawn from one set of instructions. This is why it is to your advantage to provide very clear instructions.

If, however, you have provided such instructions, and our writer has failed to follow one or more of them, then we will of course edit the paper free of charge.

Do I get a refund if I don't like the paper?

No. We work very hard to do a good job on your research papers. We earn our compensation. However, since we want your repeat business, your satisfaction is paramount. Therefore, we guarantee that we will meet your specifications and guidelines. If not, you are entitled to a FREE revision. If we fail to follow any of the guidelines provided at the time of your order, just let us know within 24 hours after receiving your paper. We will then do a revision of your paper at no extra cost to you. Our high level of customer service and unprecedented level of repeat business speaks for itself. Please note that revisions are a rare event, and satisfaction with our services is a company standard.

Is it ok if I change your paper around a little and turn it in?

No, it is not! The purpose of our custom essay writing service is to assist students in their research/writing and to serve as a model and means for the exchange of and betterment of knowledge. If you want to use our essay or term paper as one of your sources for your project, you must attribute proper credit in the bibliography at all times. You may not submit our research work for academic credit/profit in your own name or hand in the document you receive from to a third party for credit or profit in their name! Real or inferred intentions to do so will result in denial of our writing services.

What is your Privacy Policy?

We pledge not to reveal your personal information to any individual or organization without your explicit, written consent. In addition, in order to assure your financial security and complete satisfaction, secure credit card as well as payment information is processed in real time online and occurs after your order form has been received.

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