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What One of Our Clients Has to Say About Our Research Service

Dear Prospective Client:

Writing Service TestimonialsThe purpose of this interview is to gather feedback from you following your recent encounter with "Itchy Brains." As you know, our custom writing services provide a means of developing and writing custom term papers, essays, reports, thesis and dissertations that you are assigned by your instructors. We would like to have some input from you regarding the quality and promptness of our work and whether it met your expectations. Please feel free to provide additional information when you feel appropriate.


First, Susan, I understand that you contacted us to both develop and write your report on an analysis of Greek literature and how it applies to our current government structure. How did you feel about the formatting and structure of the piece?

Susan: "Well, I didn't know a great deal about this subject, so I thought about asking a friend of mine to help me but she didn't know much either. That is when I decided to look on the Internet for more information. When I first got the report, it was well written and all, but I still did not know a lot about Greek literature. But it helped me because I had a paper to turn in. I thought the report was written well."

Yes, Susan, I understand. But what did you feel about the way the report was structured? Did you feel that it looked professional? Do you think it stood out amongst other students' work when you handed it to the instructor?

Susan: "I am not for sure. It seemed to me that the term paper was well done. I read it three times before I handed it in. I had a chance to look at my roommate's paper. She wrote her paper with ink. I am almost for sure that my instructor told us to type it. So, I think that my money was put in the right place and I really got what I paid for (good quality)."

Susan, why, do you suppose, you choose to work with us at ItchyBrains rather than some of the other companies that do similar work?

Susan: "Well, I do remember one time when the instructor told us about the sites on the net. He said that he knew that there are some companies that let us download preprinted reports and essays and all that. Some of them, as I think I recall, are written already and they copy other writings. I do remember the day he told us that he knew how to tell them from our own work. It made me a little nervous, I guess, when I first started to look on the net. When I saw your site, I remember when it said that the papers were custom-written by real people and that I can have something to say about the paper as it was being done."

Thank you, Susan. But, why, do you suppose you chose our site after seeing that there are literally hundreds of sites that offer the same services?

Susan: "Well, I am not for sure at first. But when I read the stuff that was under your company's name, it told me that I was able to talk with the same person who is going to write my custom essay. This was different than the others. I think most of the others didn't tell me that. I also found a similar site on the net, but they were too expensive for me. And, I think that your service was one of the first listed and after looking at some others I was sure I wanted your company to do the work for me."

Thank you. But, what made you think about using a service such as ours? Did you have some other important tasks to complete that would preclude you from being able to do the work yourself?

Susan: "I didn't have the time. My grandparents were coming in town that weekend and I wanted to have some time to myself. Besides that, I am not a very good writer and because it was worth the money, I was happy. The lady from your service E-mailed me just after I sent a message to her."

Let's move on to a more ethical question. Do you think it's fair to other students who took the time to research the material for their own essay or thesis and writer their own work while you took an advantage of ItchyBrains?

Susan: "I am not the type to think like that. But, I was pressed with time and my teacher told me that I would lose points if I did not turn in the essay before the next Monday. I really do not think it's anyone's business so long as I get the report in. I can always read about it later when I have more time. I sometimes edit or rewrite the whole research paper to make sure it meets my instructor's requirements."

Do you work, Susan? Is that one of the reasons you chose to have ItchyBrains do the work for you as well?

Susan: "Oh, yea. That. Yea, I work part of the time at a eating place that is not far from the college. My father told me that it will help me build my character."

OK. But don't you think that managing your time is an important aspect of being in college? What will happen later when you leave college? Will you be able to manage your time at that point in your life?

Susan: "I try not to think about these kind of things. My mother always told me that I need to manage my time. I am only a freshman in college, so I think that there will be more time to do that later. At the time, all that concerned me was getting my custom term paper or essay in on time."

Thank you very much for your time. If you need any help with writing custom essays or term papers, do not hesitate to contact us.

Susan: "Sure, I have bookmarked your page a long time ago .. :-)). I thank you for always friendly customer service and your professional attitude."

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